Feb 25, 2015

President’s Forum on Data: The Future of Health Data Analytics

This week it was quite exciting here in Albany, many things are happening. Today I will  be writing a little bit about the event I participated at SUNY Campus. By the way, event very well organized by CTG.

First I would like to clarify that these notes that I am writing is being seen by the lens by a foreign, is only to register the first impressions and share the amazing things I am participating during my time in the USA.
Well, as the weather was so cold (about -20C), me, Lili e Shaohui (professors from China) took the bus a little bit later - it means, having left only 17 minutes to reach the Auditorium from the bus stop at the Collins Circle. Of course, all of us already saw the map (SUNY campus is huge place), but as it was very cold, we decided to go to Auditorium from inside the tunnel.  Of course we got lost. Not only we were lost, but also the President of UAlbany. After several attempts, Dr. Robert Jones found the correct door and everybody arrived on time.
Theresa and Natalie and panel
For me, as research scholar, it is grateful to see how the academy and the government are connected here in the USA and to see how they are close to  resolving the government problems together.  Yes, I feel that in Brazil some of the government managers think that in the University the students only research about "sexo dos anjos". Although I didn't understand a lot (due to language and cultural historical), I loved the event. I could witness the government and the academy work together to discuss and try to resolve the real public problems. Why use a good theory if it can't solve the practical problems?

Innovations is not about technology, it is about people (Chawla, 2015)
About the event

President’s Forum on Data: The Future of Health Data Analytics
2015, February 25

Each year, as part of the UAlbany 2020 program and the UAlbany Advanced Data Analytics Network, the University comes together to explore data as a resource in the development of new knowledge and economic opportunity, and as a tool in policy making and problem solving. This year’s Forum is focused on a critical and timely topic: The Future of Health Data Analytics.

The Forum will explore new and emerging frontiers in health data analytics and serve as a platform for launching collaborations with partners across the health sector in academia, industry and government. Lessons learned will help enable the University at Albany, together with our partners, to advance research, discovery and innovation, to foster new educational and learning paradigms, and to help address today’s most complex societal challenges.

Keynote Speakers:
· Courtney Burke, Deputy Secretary for Health, Office of the Governor, State of New York
· Nitesh V. Chawla, Ph.D., Frank Freimann Collegiate Chair of Engineering, University of Notre Dame
· Gregory H. Dorn, M.D., President, Hearst Health
· Dan Drawbaugh, CEO, The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute
· Graham Hughes, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, SAS Center for Health Analytics and Insights

Plenary Panelists:
· John D. Bennett Jr., M.D., President and CEO, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan (CDPHP)
· Yvette Connor, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal, Insurance & Risk Advisory Services
· Brian Duncan, Managing Director of Solutions, Aeon Nexus
· Kevin Hamilton, Managing Director, BRG, Healthcare Performance Improvement Practice
· Patrick Roohan, Director, Office of Quality and Patient Safety, New York State Department of Health
· Timothy H. Savage, Director, New York Office, Berkeley Research Group
· Ferdinand J. Venditti, Jr., M.D., Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs & President of the Faculty Practice Plan of AMC
· Nora Yates, Director, Community, Opportunity & Reinvestment (CORe) Initiative, Office of the NYS Governor