Mar 4, 2015

Brown Bag with Dra. Maria Wimmer from Germany

Today we have a pleasure to attend Maria Wimmer presentation at CCI for the Brown Bag Series, about Interoperability in cross-border public procurement - insights from the eSens project.

Maria Wimmer and Luis 
Maria Wimmer
The audience: Theresa Pardo, Heyseoung Jo, Lili Fan, Shaohui Wong, Beatriz Lanza, Amir Masoumzacleh, Babok Bahaddin, Mahdi Najafabadi, Luis Luna-Reyes
Maria Wimmer and Bea Lanza
Maria Wimmer and Lili Fan
Abstract: Europe is heavily driven by the policy to support a single market across Europe. To facilitate cross-border trade, governments and public service provision must become interoperable across countries and organisations. In the eSens project, a large-scale pilot project of the European Commission, interoperable building blocks are being developed, continuing works of earlier large scale pilot projects of the EC. In my presentation, I will give a brief overview of the challenges and initiatives going on to support interoperability across Europe. I will focus on public procurement and in specific on the pre-awards process, where companies need to proof fulfillment of qualitative selection and exclusion criteria via the provision of qualification evidences. The presentation will indicate current research works and collaboration with practice as well as challenges of organisational and legal interoperability.
Mahdi Najafabadi and Maria Wimmer