Mar 12, 2015

CTG's team deserves a break to celebrate

This week is quite exciting here at CTG (indeed it always is), Theresa Pardo, Director of CTG shared with her staff some good news. First, the NYTD Peer Caller Program has been selected as one of the University at Albany President’s Awards for Exemplary Public Engagement. Second, Donna has been awarded the University at Albany’s Presidents Excellence Award. 

Theresa participated as a panelist at the President’s event, Telling Our Story of Public Engagement. Meghan Cook participated in a panel Going Digital and Mobile in State and Local Government at the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

For a team like this that really works with focus and dedication, the result could not be different.
What a privilege to be here learning from this "time de fera"!

Derek seventeen years old (miss the 1)
And then Derek had a birthday...
Of course the cake was to celebrate his birthday, but deep down we were celebrating all the good things that happened this week.

Congratulations Derek! Congratulation CTers!!!!!! Parabéns!!!!

Brian, Ramón and Derek
Brian thinking "I hope he gives me the first piece ...".
Ramón "I think the first would be mine..."
Derek, Bea and Jane
Last night in the Bea's house with Lili
Last night in the Bea's house with Lili