Mar 5, 2015

The presentation by Maria Wimmer at CTG

Dra. Maria Wimmer professor for e-government at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany), Faculty of Computer Science (currently vice dean of the Faculty) make presentation for the CTG Staff today, about her research A trust model for e-participation.
Dr. Sharon Dawes and Dr. Maria Wimmer
Dr. Maria Wimmer
Abstract: E-participation has been on the agenda of multidisciplinary research for about a decade. While the first attempts were heavily focusing on technology portals for citizen engagement in policy consultation, lessons learnt that technology alone cannot solve the challenges of low election turnout and disinterest of people in politics followed a few years later. A new wave of focus arose, turning focus more on good governance principles such as openness and transparency. Yet, is this new strand of open government turning the trends? In a research with colleagues of psychology, communication studies and political sciences, we have developed a trust model for e-participation, which aims at identifying relevant predictors of trustworthiness in actors and tools along an e-participation endeavour. In my presentation, I will present insights from literature review and introduce the trust model for e-participation, we have developed. The presentation will indicate where we stand in our current research, and what we aim at next to validate the trust model and to transfer lessons from empirical research to designing trustworthy e-participation endeavours.
Part of the audience. 
Part of the audience.