Jun 23, 2015

My last Staff Meeting with CTGers

Today was my last staff meeting with CTGers, this took lace retreat was held in the Executive Room at The Crossings of Colonie. This Park is very close to my apartment, where I running afternoon after my day work at CTG.
This meeting was very special for me, for several reasons (not necessarily in the same order):
Shaohui, Sharon, Luis, Brian, Derek and Kelsey
1) is the last staff meeting for me
2) It like that I already start to say goodbye
3) is always funny and very productive
4) CTGers reserve a little time to say some words to me and about me

In the lunch, Andrea, Sharon and I sat near the lake and under a shady tree and talked about  amenities ... it was very nice!

Thank you all again for a great day today. Meghan was responsible for making we all have a lot of fun and laughter. Representing movies was very funny!!

Classifying our contribution to CTG to be each day more
How is impressive this little group with big productivity
As Theresa said "all great things that happen when an organization is made up of people committed to excellence and continuous improvement!" 

How privileged I am to be part this special team like CTG. What a pleasure to work and learn with you all! You all inspire me.

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