Jul 10, 2016

mGov in India

• The number of Integrated Agencies: 2488
• The total number of Mobile Government Applications Statewide: 875
• The total number of sent SMS from Governance Agencies & Institutions: 9,60,16,37,294
• Alternative Mobile Seva Systems: SMS, USSD, IVRS, CBS, LBS and mobile applications
• The chart below shows various components on Mobile Seva || Source: www.mgov.gov.in

mGov India is invited to The World Summit on Mobile Government and Global mobileGov Awards in order to share their experiences www.m4life.org .

A Few Figures Summarising Recent Activities of mGov in India From Their Web Site
Fonte: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2097178/2097178-6157574613770469379

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