Feb 13, 2015

The famous brazilan "marmita" here in the USA is more sophisticated

Brazilian brow bag
This is another very interesting academic practice I keep finding here, the Brown Bag Meeting.
In Portuguese brown bag means "marmita". The name could not be better suitable. Exactly at lunch time, teachers, researchers and students participate in a previously scheduled meeting with the presentation and discussion of a particular topic. Each takes his lunch (snack in fact, no one here has lunch like in Brazil) and eat during the meeting, without any ceremony.
Back left: Dr. Strohhecker,  Dr. Luna-Reynes, Dr. Andersen.
This is my second participation in the Brown Bag Meeting, as I was not very hungry I took only an apple to eat during the presentation. This Brown bag occurred in the building of Business Administration at State University of New York, with the presence the guest speaker Jürgen Strohhecker from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The title of his presentation was The Impact of Integrating Stock-and-Flow Structures in Decision-support Dashboards on Dynamic Decision Making Performance.

The suggestion to take part came from my mentor teacher here in the United States Dr. Ramón Gil-Garcia and his friend Dr. Luis F. Luna-Reyes also Associate professor University at Albany,  which I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago here the Center for Technology in Government CTG.