Apr 1, 2015

New York State City CIOs Workshop

Today I am very proud to be part of the important event "New York State City CIOs - Inaugural Information Sharing Workshop". 

The purpose and goal of the workshop is to provide City IT leaders in NYS with a venue and structure to openly discuss common challenges and approaches and collaboratively develop recommendations for future information sharing among all NYS city IT leaders.
Anne, Bob, Theresa, Mark, Ken, Jones, Mae, Lisa, Meghan, Bea, Dave.
This event had welcome from Robert Jones, President of University at Albany and Teresa Pardo, Director of CTG. During the two-day workshop, Megahn Cook masterfully coordinated the work.

This workshop participated CIOs from some of NYS largest cities: Anne Roest - New York City (8.406.000), Ken Barnes - City of Buffalo (258.959), Lisa Bobo - City of Rochester (210.358), Bob Cacace - City of Yonkers (199.766), Dave Prowak - City of Syracuse (144.669), Mark Dorry - City of Albany (98.424).
Welcome Theresa
It was a great opportunity to know the University and Government can work together to understanding real problem and help each other to try solve them.
Welcome Jones

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