Apr 9, 2015

CTG - Brazil Scientific Mobility Program

I was very proud to attend the Office of International Education, welcome Reception for BSMP Students & Frederico Menino - Educational Coordinator From Brazilian Consulate-general in New York City reception yesterday at UAlbany.

Dr. Ray Bromley, Vice Provost for Internacional Education and Dr. James Stellar, Senior Vice Presidente for Academic Affair & Provost, opened the reception. About 60 Brazilian students attended this event.

Is was very cool to meet a lot Brazilians and speak Portuguese.
Brian, Jacqueline, Bea, Derek, Frederico and Ray
Today, Jacqueline Quevedo - Academic Coordinator of Office of Internacional Education, Frederico Menino and Ray Bromley visited CTG.

It's great to see Brazil and USA strengthening relationship, especially with a organization like CTG.
I feel more and more proud and privileged to be part of this family.

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