Jul 13, 2015

My very special day in US

My birthday in this year could not be better....the celebration started in New York City last week with one of the best friends Ruth (Manuela's Godmother) with our tradicional coffee. After that, the celebration was in Boston with a Pool Party prepared by Isa Michelon (another best friend)....old and new friends.
Brian feeling accomplished. About me? 
But what to say about the surprise party that CTG prepared for me....it was amazing!!!!!
Never in my mind did I expect that.....until now I can't believe it.....They really surprised me...

WOW, they learned very well how to do that (Am I a good teacher??)

First, Brian made me trust that the celebration with Theresa's birthday would be on July 15 at 2 pm and, I will bake a cake as usual.

Second, Ramón emailed me to confirm what exact day I would return to CTG from my week vacation with my family. (When my family asked me to stay longer in Boston, I said: No, I already confirmed with my mentor, he is very serious with the agenda, I need be there...)

Brian and Paula...suspicion!!!!

To make sure, Brian still asked me to fill out the CTG Visiting Scholar Program Evaluation "Please complete self evaluation before our 1PM mtg with Ramon"...and gave me a very bad rating (opposite my own rating)...I felt a little sad about it...

It was really really exciting for me....everybody was there....and, Marcos, Tasso and Manu...several cakes, several candles... Happy Birthday in English and Portuguese... really amazing...

CTG Folks really surprised me with their competence, hard work, etc etc....but surprised me with the party like that....WOW!!!! I appreciated it! I loved it! Thank you!

As I said by email, I have no words to say thanks and how I feel here with all of you....a true family.
It's priceless!
Thank you Thereza, Sharon, Jane, Mynyoung and Choi for the birthday wishes the next day. I really appreciate that.

Donna, Gabriel and Marcos.... 

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