Jul 28, 2015

Theresa Pardo's birthday - A Brazilian Surprise

Today we had an all day meeting about the Governing the City program at CTG.
Everything, as usual, worked well with the agenda, with a little break for lunch....some people who were not participating in this meeting (and others who have infiltrated those who were participating) invaded the CTG Big Seminar Room to celebrate another birthday...Theresa's birthday.
This time we have a new innovation....a Brazilian guitar.
The photo and the video by Kelsey shows a litle bit how staff members snuck in to celebrate.
Bea, Gabriel, Paula, Iseul, Fellipe, Derek, Megan, Meghan and Kashif
Sharon, Brian, Theresa, Bea Derek and Gabriel
Bea, Fellipe, Kashif, Theresa, Gabriel, Amanda and Iseul

Now we need teach the US how to dance samba...

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