Mar 14, 2013

mGov - a nova fronteira para o crescimento econômico

Eu tenho recebido periodicamente do infoDev notícias sobre mgovernment, a desta semana fala novamente sobre experiências na África, a qual compartilho com vocês, na íntegra.

The Mobile Innovation Roadshow: the ‘next frontier’ for economic growth in Southern Africa

infoDev and the Southern Africa Innovation Support Program (SAIS), funded by the Government of Finland, have joined forces to bring the Mobile Innovation Roadshow to four Southern African countries: Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia over several weeks.
The aim of the Mobile Innovation Roadshow is to inspire economic growth through the mobile and agribusiness sectors in the region, by igniting discussions around these untapped economic opportunities for Southern Africans.  The Roadshow will deliver days of cutting-edge content, networking, dynamic presentations and interactive discussions that will address the current gap between the mobile innovation and agribusiness sectors.

The Southern African region is prime for mobile innovation, with a growing demand for mobile applications and networks to expand the marketplace within all economic sectors. Since more than 80% of the world’s population is covered by a mobile network, and in Africa alone, mobile phone services reach more than 600 million people, mobile innovation is becoming vastly important for sustainable growth.
Through knowledge-sharing with experts and professionals around the mobile agribusiness sector, the Roadshow aims to unveil the market potential for mobile innovation in the agribusiness sector: by generating public-private partnerships, identifying a pool of qualified participants and interested mentors, and carving out an enabling environment to facilitate the growth of competitive mobile and agribusiness ventures.
The Mobile Innovation Roadshow will commence in Mozambique on February 26, 2013 until March 4, 2013.

Business Incubation Training

Business Incubation Basics and Models

February 26

Mobile Innovation Stakeholders Workshop

February 27

Business Incubation Training

Agribusiness Incubation

February 28

Fundraising Roundtable for the Agribusiness Innovation Center

March 1

Agribusiness Policy Workshop

March 1

Mobile Innovation Hackathon

March 1-2

Startup Bootcamp

March 4

Stay tuned for more updates on this event.

For program details, contact Sophia Muradyan at, Julia Brethenoux at or Jamo Macanze at

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