Apr 14, 2015

CTG Celebrations - Good memories

Today we had several reasons to celebrate: Donna's Award, Theresa Govtech's Top 25, Karthik and Paula's birthday, the welcome of Kelsey and, of course, the spring in NY.

Karthik, Donna, Paula and Kelsey. Photo by Thereza
We used the CTG Staff Meeting to share our thanks to CTG.  We, the foreigners made a little video saying "Thanks" in our language: Shaohui and Lili (Chinese), Bea (Portuguese), Minyoung (South Korean), Luis (Spanish), Karthik (Hindi), Greg (Polish), Luigi (Italian) and Connor (Yes Sir, in English - but without accent).

After a brief and affectionate speech by Theresa, Jim presented (humorously) about Scrum Method. As always Meghan Cook is great on stage (I do not know how Hollywood did not find it yet).

The celebration was for Donna, Thereza, Paula, Karthik and Kelsey, but who received the prize was me (picked by Megan). Now I am very well prepared for the long-awaited Spring Time. I hope the solar dancing bugs works a lot on my window. I appreciate it, thank you Meghan!

Oh Oh the cake was too small for 21 people, however the CTG has a "baker residence" (right, Meghan?).  It will not be a problem for the next celebration.

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